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Health Insurance Facts
2010: 46,340,000 people were reported as "not covered at any time during the year."

2009 NAIC Survey: Average insurance policies will increase between 11% to 16% - and as high as 25% to 30% - annually in most states


Is your health insurance plan affordable?  Is it customized to your medical needs?  Does it cover large expenses associated with serious illnesses? 
Are you over insured or overpaying for dependents?  As your agent, we will:
  • Provide you with a periodic review of your health insurance to assure you are paying for only the coverage that you need.
  • Help you understand the details of the policy and explain technical terms, such as deductible, co-insurance, maximum out-of-pocket expenses, etc.
  • Work with you to assure affordable health insurance.
  • Demonstrate viable alternatives that may save money for those with post-employment COBRA plans.
  • Are locally available in Central Virginia and Augusta County for consultation throughout the year at no additional premium. 
  • Assist in determining the most cost effective solution for dependent coverage.


Health Insurance Profile

Answer two questions to help determine what type of coverage you need!
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Get To Know Your Agent

Get To Know Your Agent


  • Health and Life Insurance License
  • Certified Public Accountant
  • Masters of Business Administration

Previous Experience:

  • Health Care Administrator
  • Chair of Community Services Board
  • Financial Advisor


We help you shop for the benefits you need at the most economical cost!


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